Version 1.129 32bit

For all of you using 32bit OS, just uploaded Win and Linux builds.


v1.120 July 7th, 2017:
- Fixed data editor
- Fixed graphic glitch when shields were overlapping
- Fixed map focusing and grid issues
- Fixed sun light scattering
- Various AI tweaks
- Added music from 6klop_electronix

v1.122 July 6th, 2017:
- Fixed planet collision bugs
- Improved performance when flying close to planets

v1.129 July 14th, 2017:
- Added binary star systems
- Added black holes
- Fixed map selection issues
- Fixed self-destruct
- Tweaked atmosphere burn
- Tweaked shadows
- Fixed animated water
- Added pressure engine
- Tweaked gate construction by AI
- New cursors
- Fixed multi-player server syncing issue
- Fixed AI not avoiding planets

Files 460 MB
Jul 15, 2017 449 MB
Jul 15, 2017

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