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I don't know if anyone is having the same problem but I'm having trouble here: ships, stations and everything else but planets are completely dark, black.

How can I solve it?

Hi, make sure you read the requirements:

and troubleshooting section:

maybe some ideas there will help you fix the problem.

super cool game! Good job Flori


hey i have the same problem! but game does look great!

Hey! I think I just replied you on the forum, if not, please open a new thread in troubleshooting section:

It looks pretty cool, but I cant actually play it. The game launches to the main menu, but when I go to actually start it, it crashes

Hey! You can open a new thread here: and if you can give me more details like versions, hardware specs, we can find a solution together if possible. Or you can contact me directly at florin at spacemen dot ro.